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Maximum Cushion 12 Hour ShiftUpdated 3 months ago

For people whose job requires them to stand most of the day; provides maximum foot protection and comfort while wearing work shoes and boots.

Maximum Cushion 12 Hour Shift Features: 

  • Moisture Wicking - THOR•LON® fiber wicks moisture away from foot to help reduce blisters.
  • Impact Protection - Padding in ball and heel protects weight-bearing areas from impacts.
  • Thorlo Padding - Extended life padding in ball and heel provides more comfort during periods of prolonged standing.
  • Anatomical Design - Consistent with natural contours of foot, helps provide a better fit.
  • Strategic Support - Compression helps reduce fatigue in legs; engineered variable knit panel enhances calf support; arch and ankle support helps reduce foot fatigue.
  • No-rub toe seam
  • Clinically Tested - Clinically shown to reduce pain, blisters, pressures & moisture.
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