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Lite Cushion Postal CompressionUpdated 3 months ago

Maximum foot protection while wearing work or walking shoes.

Lite Cushion Postal Compression Features: 

  • Heel and Achilles Padding - Protects the Achilles tendon by eliminating rubbing and chafing heel padding cushions the heel against impact.
  • Stabilizing Ankle Wrap - Reduces ankle strain and turn.
  • Copper-Ion Technology -CuTEC® copper yarns provide odor reduction and anti-fungal properties
  • High Wicking THOR•WICK® COOL fiber moves moisture quickly away from the foot to the outside of the sock allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping the foot noticeably drier, cooler and more comfortable.
  • Triple-Zone Graduated Compression - Encourages increased blood circulation in the leg, mid-foot compression and arch wrap support the plantar fascia tendon. Stabilizing ankle wrap reduces ankle strain and turn.
  • Ultra Lightweight Sock Frame - Nylon-covered LYCRA® provides contoured aerodynamic glove-like fit.
  • Light Weight Toe Pad- Helps protect against blisters by providing forefoot impact protection and optimal no slip fit.
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